My aim is to make this Webpage a lived, dynamic site of Reflections, Conversations, Communities.  With this in mind,  this page will offer LINKS to other communities, some I hope will interface with my blog postings, or engage with other related cultural, social, and political endeavors as well as with affective imaginings.  Hopefully, these conversations and reflections will resist the labels such as “social media,” “professional branding,”or “digital presence,” and instead, take us into Sufi-like journeys that are enriching and surprising, but not always predictable.

I BEGIN This Page with an introduction to a vibrant new project, TIDE, www. tideproject. uk

TIDE Project/ UK: Travel, Transculturality, Identity, 1550-1700

HERE evoked in a Mughal – European (Muslim-Christian) Conversation, by Nandini Das, the founder of TIDE

Writing the Maghreb _ Professor Karim Bejjit,  DEPT OF ENGLISH,